marla-squareI’m a UX Writer, Content Strategist, UX Designer, and a multidisciplinary designer who uses visual design and the written word as tools to create enjoyable, frustration-free, intuitive environments that engage, inform, entertain, and communicate effectively and efficiently.

An optimal user experience solves problems, serves a purpose, simplifies, clarifies, and guides.


Let’s get personal
I actively write both personally and professionally. I have three teenage children; the youngest are boy/girl twins. No, they aren’t identical. I love to swim. I love yoga. I love movies and everything that has to do with writing. I was a model in my past life (twenties). I grew up in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento. Most people think I’m European. I used to speak French. I’m married to a German photographer/visual designer. I will always miss New York, where I lived for more than a decade in my twenties, but Los Angeles has been my home for a decade. I love my big backyard, pool and fireplace lifestyle. Nature is good for my brain. I love taking candid photos of real situations and people. I have a couple of cats. Yes. I’m also a dog person, but I don’t have a dog at the moment.

Things I love
I love puzzles. Crosswords. Jigsaws. Codes and Ciphers. I love reading, writing, organizing and researching. I love maps. I began organizing from an early age (virgo). I began coding from an early age. (Thanks, Dad.) I’m an voracious reader. I’ve always been curious. I’ve always loved learning. I’ve always had a ton of natural energy; it’s in my genes. Life is too short and moves too quickly to not enjoy the ride. I like working with great people who are inspired, creative, motivated and intelligent. Other than that, I love a good game of strategy.

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