Every person is attracted to a certain personality. Why? Well, because the a personality  communicates some sort of a promise of an experience. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. It’s true. When we meet someone at a party, or a bookstore, or online we imagine what it will be like to hang out with them. Date them. Maybe even marry them. Well, brands are people too. They have personalities. They make promises. They deliver experiences. So, the sooner you think of your brand as a person, the better off you’ll be. It doesn’t matter what size your brand is, or how large your audience is because we are only going to focus on one person. Your date. The person sitting across from you. The one deciding if you are worth a second date. Let’s take a look at that person and what they might be thinking.

So you want to connect … I’m just wondering if you are a good fit for me. I stare at you. I listen to what you say. I try to figure out as quickly as humanly possible if we are right for each other because time is limited you know? Time. Is. Limited. What’s special about you? Do I want to get to know you better?

Now, it’s your turn …

Am I Your Type?

Look at me. Sitting across from you. What do you see? Were are we? Are we at a restaurant? At a bar? At a coffee shop? What do you see? What do I look like? What am I wearing? Where do I buy my clothing? How old am I? Do I have kids? Am I Single? Married? Divorced? Single parent? Do I have a college degree? BA? MBA? Ph.D.? Am I American? Am I from the city? Or country? What are my hobbies? Do I believe in God? Do I care about equal rights? Am I a woman? Do I like to travel? Do I like to read? Which magazines do I read? Which newspapers? Which websites do I like? Which apps do I use? Which political party am I a card carrying member of? Am I political at all? What is my income level? Middle Class? Upper Middle Class? What’s my favorite place to vacation? Do I prefer the beach or the mountains? What’s important to me? What kind of car do I drive? What kind of car do I wish I drove? Do I own a home or rent? Do I live in an apartment? Do I do yoga or prefer to hit the gym? Are you asking the right questions to really get to know me?

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