online insurance quote
Online Insurance Quote with no Sign In Required

The Problem:

Wedsure offers the ability to quote, buy and manage private event insurance policies entirely online. The client had an existing system that was not meeting the needs of their users, consisting of brokers, customers without a broker and their employees who took sales over the phone. My specific role in this project began at the concept phase, which included meeting with the client and staff to gain an understanding of their current system and what wasn’t working for them, and gathering their “wish list” of items for a new system. As a UX designer, my focus is the user so my next step was to interview the employees. I prepared a list of questions and also observed them at work. As always, I learned quite a bit about their workflow, and how that workflow wasn’t ideal for a customer, confirmed by the customer’s complaints.  

Nine Insurance Coverages with Real Time Quote now condensed to one screen
Nine Insurance Coverages with Real Time Quote now condensed to one screen


After I had done the initial user research and created User Personas for each of the user types I sat down to wireframe the first step in the process for any user, a quote. To wireframe I had to first thoroughly understand the necessary fields users had to complete in order to get a quote, and then deliver those to the user in the simplest form possible. In their existing system users had to go through multiple pages, making it look like a long and drawn out process to get a quote. I needed to make this appear much easier and quicker—pain free. Through wireframes I mocked up concepts that placed the entire quote onto one page. I determined the hierarchy of information, organized and sectioned the insurance options, and hid all the information so users were not overwhelmed with a long, never-ending page. The simplified interface gave them easy access to pick only the coverages they needed and see their new quote in real time. I added visible indicators such as checkmarks next to coverage that was included in the quote, and provided immediate answers to their questions through the use of tool tips. After I’d finetuned the solution in wireframing, I created a rich prototype using AxureRP. This prototype was tested by users (including employees who were also users). Once the prototype was ready, I designed the interface using Photoshop. (Today, I would do this in Sketch.) I handed off the prototype with coding notes along with the user interface designs to the front-end development team and worked with them to get the interaction just right.

Rich Prototype in AxureRP
UI Design in Photoshop
Interactive interface shows user inputs on form in real time

THE Result:

Wedsure’s new online quote has seen a decrease in support calls of 90% since launch. The once problematic areas for users have now been streamlined into a user friendly, intuitive interface, that leaves little for the user to misunderstand. In addition, Wedsure has seen sales dramatically increase on nights and weekends, users no longer have to wait until business hours to have their questions answered. The new custom software allows them to easily handle tasks where they previously they were not able to without the support of a sales representative. With 80% of their customers being one time purchasers, it was crucial to the success of their business that customers could easily quote, buy and print the needed documents online the moment they needed them. Three years post launch, users and employees continue to have a positive user experience. View live at

My Role and Tools used:

I handled all aspects from conception through delivery to development team interfacing directly with client throughout entire process. This included UX, UI, Visual Design, Information Architecture, and Writing and managed the entire project through testing and launch. Product launched: 2013. Tools: Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, AxureRP.